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Reign Hockey Skates

Reign Zeus Trinity Patines Hockey

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Los patines de hockey sobre ruedas Zeus Trinity presentan un diseño de bota con una cubierta hecha de compuesto de fibra de vidrio, capaz de proteger contra los impactos y disparos más duros.

Estos patines incorporan potentes guías ajustables de tipo x-slot Trinity. Las guías Trinity están fabricadas con un sistema de montaje de 3 puntos, alerones integrados y un centro de gravedad reducido. Todas estas propiedades se combinan para crear una guía potente, corta y ágil que te permitirá volar sobre las superficies.

Los patines roller hockey Zeus tienen ruedas de exterior Prime Centurio de 100mm y dureza 84A, con rodamientos Abec 7 fabricados por Wicked.

Diámetro de las ruedas:
Dureza de las ruedas:
Frame material:
Precisión de rodamientos:
Tipos de guías:
Material de la bota:
Fibra de vidrio, Compuesto
Apoyo lateral alto
Reseñas   (9)
Shipping is better with UPS vs USPS (which I would never recommend since living in USA), quality is as expected with Powerslide, not a fan of the bearings, as I tend to replace them right out of the box anyway with ceramic bearings. Love ❤️ the frames, Trinity mount system, this 215mm frame is awesome for indoor quick turns, 💯 mm wheels 84a offers grip, and speed performance is what I expected. I own the Tritons, and swells for my wife and I. If you want quality, you won't be disappointed with PowerSlide.
Kent Littlejohn (Novelty)
Evaluación: 4 de 5!
Top notch!
oskar dickson (edinburgh)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Design of these skates is amazing, my favorite part is the one-piece wheel screws. Boots definitely look like they could take a hard slap shot but I have only used for urban skating. I tried a few laps on an outdoor rink, I think they could be really good for hockey but I may experiment with 80mm wheels in this frame instead. They do feel more maneuverable than four wheel skates. No wear issues so far, we’re just very stiff at first I almost broke my hand trying to bend the tongue. I Hate the bearings that came with these skates, put in some Swiss bearings they’re way better. The wheels are solid though, barely any wear after 15 plus miles skating through the city. Laces need replacement too. Head turning skates!
Christopher B. (Valley Village)
Evaluación: 4 de 5!
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